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Elmo, Barney Contestants on Jeopardy

Where man always bites dog

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Sunday, March 18, 2018, 12:21:59 (UTC)

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1 July 2008


So you don't have to be smart to be on Jeopardy.

CULVER CUTY, California - Jeopardy, a well known game show where people answer questions is often regarded as a game for people with above average intelligence. The contestants on the show answer certain questions that are often considered difficult to average american in order to earn money. The show has obscure categories such as:

  • "Egg" stravaganza, which asks questions based on eggs
  • The Number After 2, which asks which number is after two
  • Therapists, which asks questions based on therapists

But, the idea of the show being for people with "some level of intelligence" was in fact proven wrong. On a new episode of Jeopardy, the contestants were Elmo, Barney, and Jim. People watching the show thought it was a ridiculous joke, but as the show moved on, it proved real. The categories, for these ease of the guest stars were:

  • Duck is Always the Answer
  • Barney
  • Elmo
  • Rhymes with "Dog"
  • Sharp Things
  • 2+2 Doesn't Equal...
  • Colors

Having easy categories and questions led to considerably high scores for people you think can only be loved by children and the show producers. Barney ended up winnig with $2,000, Jim was in second with $1,600, and Elmo last with $-2,500.

A loyal Jeopardy fan says, "I came in from work, threw my coat on my dead ferret and turned on the television right on time for my favorite show, Jeopardy. But had I turned to Saturday Night Live? No, it was the real deal. Elmo and Barney were on the show." The fans, obviously in shock, watched the show, only to end up laughing at how stupid the show seemed. The easiest categories. The stupidest contestants. What had gone wrong?

As it turns out, Sesame Street and Barney were not getting the amount of views that they wanted, so, in a deperate attempt to boost their ratings and views, bribed Jeopardy producers to let Barney and Elmo go on the show. The result, they said, went perfectly as planned. The next day their views went from only ten people in America watching their show to 160,754,920 people viewing thir show.

So this "joke" was really an elaborate plan to boost ratings. Great until you hear the truth, huh?

edit Source

Alex Trebek "Jeopardy". Jeopardy!, 28 June 2008

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