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Elizabeth II named most powerful woman in the UK

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Saturday, March 17, 2018, 10:22:59 (UTC)

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17 February 2013


Surprisingly, the Queen is the most powerful woman in Britain

London, England -- In an announcement that has surprised few, Queen Elizabeth II has topped the 100 names mentioned in BBC Radio 4's Woman’s Hour Power List . This will be the 61st year in a row that the Queen has topped the list.

"This is quite surprising, when you consider that the queen is above politics, and only involved in the formalities of government," said British political commentator Reginald Owen. "And she has the right to encourage, warn, and be consulted by the Prime Minister. And she has the reserve powers in case the Prime Minister tries to suspend the unwritten Constitution. And she has been head of state for longer than the Prime Minster has been alive. And she is queen of 15 countries besides the United Kingdom..."

"Our point with complying the list wasn't to show that the Queen is the most powerful woman in Britain," said BBC radio spokeman Mildred Updyke. "Rather, it is to show the white-male domination of British society. For example, only 7 percent of the women on the list come from racial minorities. However, minorities constitute almost 8% percent of the British population. This disparity clearly shows the racial unbalance in British society."

Updyke continued, "Additionally, women occupy few positions of power in today's Britain. The second most powerful woman on the list is Home Secretary (the equivalent of Homeland Security Secretary, for our American readers) Theresa May. While some conservatives will point that Margaret Thatcher, a woman, was the longest serving and most powerful Prime Minister of the 20th century, that doesn't count because I don't like her political policies and opinions."

Some observers were surprised that Kate Middleton was not on the list. "While some people may think that Kate Middleton was overlooked, no royal besides the queen was on the list," said British journalist Nigel Smythe. "While princesses get a high level of deference, their function is wave a crowds and birth heirs to the throne. The monarchy itself is where the real power of the British government resides."

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