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13 July 2008


Ivory reactions when he recieved Ebony's text message. That poor guy.

COMPTON, California - All is not happy in the world of interracial relationships. This past Friday, Time Magazine, one of the world's leading tabloids, reported the 26 year-long relationship of Ebony and Ivory was on the rocks after Ivory came home drunk with a 17 year-old prostitute.

Paul McCartney, a long time family friend, said to us on the phone, "I knew their relationship couldn't last. I told them they never should've gotten married. Marriage always ruins relationships. Just like how Yoko Ono ruins bands. Trust me, I know. Hell, I've been married dozens of times! NEVER GET MARRIED!!! And, if you do, make the little skank sign a pre-nup!"

Ebony and Ivory were married in 1987 after dating for five years. They were thought to have been the epitome of celebrity relationships. Even during Ebony's 2 month stay in a rehabilitation clinic for an apparent cocaine addiction in 1996, Ivory stayed by his wife's side.

Ivory filed divorce papers on Saturday after Ebony sent him a text message saying, "I cunt takk dis ne moar. fack u!"

The couple has two children, a nine year-old boy whose birthday is in less than a week and a 15 year-old girl who is currently in a hospital after getting in a severe car accident when she was driving home. Her blood-alcohol level was reportedly .092, at least quadruple the legal limit for a minor to have.

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