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Easter sermon focuses on persecuting non-believers

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Wednesday, March 21, 2018, 07:24:59 (UTC)

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5 April 2015


Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby said there is "so much death to come", inciting his hatred of atheists into other people

Canterbury, United Kingdom -- Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby has today announced in his Easter sermon his intention to set up death camps for atheists, offering them a choice 'convert or die'. Continuing his sermon, he said 'It's important, at this very special time, that we remember all those who are missing out on Easter. All the poor atheists who feel it is just another day. No one should feel like that at Easter.' People outside the church have commented on what he said 'I think it's absolutely awful, what he's been saying. The man is inciting hatred into people. He's like the emperor from Star Wars' while another said 'I'll bet ya he's one of those pedo priests. I'll fuck him up real good'. Welby's comments were taken to the Pope, but so far the Vatican has refused to comment on the issue.


This Easter bunny is a favourite among the children of Cardiff.

Up and down the UK, the love of Jesus is being spread at several mass festivals. Welby has been travelling across the country too, examining the death camps ready for atheists. Surprisingly, Muslims have also participated in the day's mass events. However, it has been reported the mass' that were attended by Muslims didn't end well. The police are investigating the matter. Over in Cardiff, a horrible looking Easter bunny has been causing terror at Roath Lock Studios. It is reported staff there are being kidnapped and turned into Easter eggs. MI5 have been called in to assist.

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