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EA Games partners with Reebok

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Thursday, March 22, 2018, 00:54:59 (UTC)

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10 May 2013

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Call of Beauty

Sarah Jessica Parker has agreed to endorse the product after finally playing EA Games' previous release, Call of Beauty 3.


After this flop from sister company TA Games, Harmonix should be happy to be "in the black."

Cambridge, Massachusets - A newly cannibalized Harmonix has just been put back to work by parent company EA games this Friday, when it announced it will be partnering with 90's athletic shoe company Reebok. With the help of Vogue's new 3d fabric rendering engine developed for textile designers, the highly anticipated game is called Jimmy Choo's Shoe Extravaganza. Reminiscent of a fashion tycoon game, it's set to hit shelves mid-October but that date will probably be pushed back by Mr. Choo. An avid RockBand player, Mr. Choo hates "..all the [stupid], [unnecessary] glitches with that game for Playstation." Mr. Choo's publicist also told UnNews "..he dislikes XBoxes immensely. He prefers the sleek, eggshell black finish of Sony products, don't even get him started on that Ryobi rip-off by I-Beige-Money." On a personal tangent she added, "Please, it's like matte silver plastic is the new black to that [Mr. Gates]."

In addition to being able to view Jimmy Choo's entire portfolio of shoes, you can submit your own designs directly to Vogue and win a chance to work for the Choo Shoe factory in Cambodia. Winners will be picked in an ABC's Apprentice/Lifetime Project Accessory-type show with permanent guest judge Simon Cowell. Jimmy Choo's publicist wouldn't say much else to UnNews, except that the designer was "..thrilled to be working with Reebok after learning about Harmonix's involvement in the development of the game."

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