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Dutch elections most important event of the year

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Saturday, March 24, 2018, 08:41:59 (UTC)

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29 November 2006

The Dutch elections are admired all over the world. For weeks, the picture of the worldfamous prime minister of The Netherlands, Harry Potter, covers the main page of wikipedia. After a few days after the appearance of the Dutch elections on the main page of Wikipedia, the first fansites of Harry Potter and the Dutch elections started to appear. Aggressive fans of the Dutch elections did multiple terrorist attacks to make sure everybody would accept that the Dutch elections are the most important event ever.

The winners of the Dutch elections are flattered by the admiration of their fans. Chairman Marijnissen of the politburo of the the communist party of the Netherlands said about it: "These people will be spared in the Great Purge against fascism and capitalism." It is not certain if Marijnissen is still alive. He could be replaced by a lookalike. The communist party gained 16 seats and went from 9 to 25.

Führer Geert Wilders from the anti-islamo-fascist party 'for freedom', who entered into the parliament from 0 to 9 seats was also flattered. "This is a clear sign that non-western islamo-fascists will be roasted like pigs", he said laughing.

Reverent André Rouvoet from the purely christian party said: "No Geert you got it wrong, this is a sign from god that he approves the support for the rise of christianity in the Netherlands. Let us all pray that all sinners will be saved from eternal damnation in hell and see the light, by dedicating their lives to the lord Jesus Christ."

The primate inter paris of the Party of the Animals is very glad with the worldwide attention. She hopes that all animals and plants will be liberated and that humans will eat sand and rocks in the future and will abstain from eating what once used to be alive.

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