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Duke Nukem Forever Celebration delayed again

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Thursday, March 22, 2018, 23:53:59 (UTC)

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21 July 2008

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THE INTERNET - In a move that is sure to frustrate Duke Nukem fans even more, the 10th Anniversary celebration that was to be held next month has been delayed yet again. The celebration was to commemorate 10 years of promises of Duke Nukem Forever. Longtime Duke Nukem Fan and current leader of the Duke Nukem Fanclub Clete Gaylord was the unfortunate bearer of the bad news.

"It is with regret that I must again announce the delay of the Duke Nukem Forever..." with this the press groaned loudly and had to wait for it to subside before he continued. '"...the Duke Nukem Forever Celebration that was to have been held August 15 of this year. The new meeting date is October 31, 2011. We fully anticipate this even will occur with all the pomp and circumstance you'd expect from such a big event."

This was actually the second time that the event had been postponed. The original event was planned for April 15, 2007. This was designed to coincide with the 10th Anniversary of the first announcement that 3D Realms would produce a new game based in the Duke Nukem Universe. As the date drew near, it became apparent that many members of the fanclub would be busy that day, as it would be tax day in America. At that time, it was announced that the celebration would still be held, but due to the extravagant nature of the plans, the new date would be TBA.

After this, a series of scandals ranging from the fan mailing list being labeled as "junk mail" by all the major webmail clients to the former leader of the fanclub, Tariz Al-Shariq Muhammed, being convicted of tax fraud. He was not detained at Guantanamo Bay, as was reported at the website, which led to mass confusion as much of the RSVP's were sent there by mistake. In the end, the leadership was changed over. This, unfortunately, led to the need for the date change.

As for why a date three years in the future was chosen, Gaylord would only say "If you were in the fanclub, you'd understand."

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