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Ducks to be re-released into the Wild

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Saturday, March 17, 2018, 12:09:59 (UTC)

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5 December 2014

Duck protects nest

A duck actively protecting its nest from intruders

MINNEAPOLIS, Minnesota -- Tonight, workers from the Natural Habitat League (NHL) will be releasing a team of ducks back into the wild. These ducks come from many areas around the world and were brought to Anaheim to be raised and developed. The experiment is to see whether city-raised ducks can thrive in the freezing conditions of Minnesota. The plan will be for the ducks to be released on a frozen lake in urban Minneapolis in groups of five, with the largest duck being placed in charge of protecting the nest.

Recently the ducks have been tested in controlled areas in cities such as Boston and Philadelphia, and have fared well, losing only 2 ducks in Boston, and losing 4 in Philadelphia.

The Wild has been struggling lately but were able to survive an attack from a group of Canadians on Wednesday night. Environmentalist Mike Yeo will be struggling to keep the Wild safe against these invasive species.

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