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Dragon Emperor's tomb rediscovered!

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Thursday, March 22, 2018, 14:15:59 (UTC)

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29 December 2009


Nick O'Connell, the amarican archeologist posing in front of a Statue of the famed Dragon Emperor, is Grandson of Alex O'Connell who first discovered the Tomb in 1946

Xigaoxue, China-- Chinese Archeologists announced today that they have successfully located the tomb of china's Legendary Dragon Emperor. The tomb was originally discovered by British teams lead by archeology Alex O'Connell in the 1946 but was later abandoned due to reported disputes with the locals. Most of the British team, along with over 200 Chinese military personnel sent to keep watch went missing 2 weeks later and the site in question was lost.

The site was rediscovered on December 23rd during the exaction of an unnamed prisoner by firing squad. Civilian witnesses and military personnel discovered what appeared to be bodies scattered all across the landscape close to the burned out remains of China's Eastern Great Wall. The Chinese government sent in 20 researchers to discover where the bodies had come from. The researches estimated that the bodies must have been over 2200 years old. A team of researchers discovered an opening located in the near by wall peace which lead directly into the Emperors tomb.

The Dragon Emperor (also known as Emperor Han) ruled in China around 220's B.C. He was well known for uniting all of china through unending conquest. After succeeding in creating an Empire he had his army build the Great Wall of China as a monument to his unyielding power. It was said that prisoners of war were buried underneath. Han's rule came to an ended in 221 when under mysterious circumstances, both the Emperor and over 3000 soldiers perished over night. According to legend Han and his army were cursed by an unnamed witch for murdering her lover and father of her unborn child, but researchers and archeologists believe it was more likely a plague that was spreading through china at the time.

After making the amazing discovery, Scientist, Historians, Researchers and archeologists were called in from over 20 outside countries to help with the excavation. Among them was Alex O'Connell's grandson Nick O'Connell who hopes to learn more about his grandfather. The team has already discovered that the emperor's body, and much of the believed vast riches have long since been moved or even plundered, but several Clay solders of the famed Terracotta Army still stand, facing where the emperor was believed laid to rest.

The Chinese government plans to release a full report on the findings in the tomb sometime around March of next year.

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