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Donald Trump amnesties Julian Assange

Democracy Dies with Dignity

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Friday, January 19, 2018, 06:57:59 (UTC)

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14 November 2017

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Disguised Assange, photograph by UnNews UK, 11.11.2017 at (original) Mdme Tussaud's

London, UK --

BREAKING NEWS: Nobody wanted to believe it, but Wikileaks streamed it live: Julian Assange undertook this morning for the first time since the beginning of his embassy asylum in the Ecuadorian extraterritoriality undisguised a walk through London. At the Hyde Park Corner, he even swung a campaign speech for the British Pirate Party, because of the Brexit troubles making new elections in the UK more likely than a major IS attack. Reason for the joyous event is the confession of Donald Trump junior, that he had used Wikileaks in the Campaign of the Trump Clan against Hillary Clinton as a subversive platform against his father's counter-candidate in the 2016 presidential campaign. With that, US President Trump is bound to thank the revelation platform founder Julian Assange tens of times more for his election victory than the good Lord - a pardon is there even the very least, what Assange may now expect. However, connoisseurs of the president announced on the now official US government platform WikiLeaks that Assange should be appointed chief strategist in the White House, succeeding Steve Bannon, that conspiracy theorist who built the media success of Trump on the clayey feet of conspiracy theories and using a new ceramic fiber for the indestructible ceramic feet, which the CIA has also been using for some time as artificial hair for glued beards, so-called Breitbarts (broad beards). With Assange, therefore, the opposite will now penetrate into the center of power: a whistleblower, one who digs nude facts out of the depth of certain secret file mountains, a true facts wonk. With publishing such stuff, in other word doing data pornography, you can make good money, financing Donald Trump's biggest tax reform of all time that way!

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