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12 April 2008


Hot, galactic and ready for you!

New York, New York Domino's took the pizza world by storm today by introducing their latest take on deep dish pizza . . . and it's out of this world! Literally!

Each slice of Domino's new Hubble Deep Field Dish Pizza is guaranteed to contain over a thousand galaxies, nebulas, and quasars, as well as over a quintillion stars. A big glass of water is recommended as this pizza is HOT.

Environmentalists and alien life researchers were dismayed by this wanton destruction of the universe but a Hubble spokesman said "hey it's probably infinite so who cares how much of it we eat?"

Ray's pizza owner . . . Ray . . . was not impressed by the new pizza.

"Yeah yeah yeah so they got a pizza with like the fuckin moon in it or something great, fuckin great. Fuck dominos if you want real pizza you got to go original ray's baby"

In other news, the home galaxy of those annoying gray aliens with the big eyes that everybody seems to be fascinated by for some reason was mysteriously eaten.

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