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WASHINGTON, United States-- In a recent study conducted by top medical officials in the nation, it was discovered that there has been a 90,000,000,000,000% spike in recent births. Doctors say this spike is due to a "real low abortion rate" "At first we thought it might be a werewolf." Police Officer Joseph Merrick reported on a recent police responce to a birth. "I heard this girl screaming from inside her house, so I grabbed my gun and kicked in the door. When I entered, I saw her vagina spread to inhuman lengths. I was scared so I shot it with mace. It was at this point that the fetus/baby was violently expelled towards me, and hit me in the chest. I ran and did not look back." Thousands of more terrifying reprts of childbirth such as this one have been reported worldwide. Officials say the best defence is a "Good Ol' Fashioed Abortion" Until more research is done, the fate of humanity rests in the balance.

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