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Devin Fox gets restraining order from girl he's "hooked on"

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Monday, March 19, 2018, 17:17:59 (UTC)

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21 May 2011

Devin fox basketball

Devin Fox with the girl he appeared with in his music video. But was there something more between them beyond mere acting?

SHERMAN OAKS, California -- On April 22, 2011, Ark Music Factory introduced another one of their heavily auto tuned clients, 13 year old Devin Fox. But were the events in the music video of his song "Hooked on You" (which depicted Devin Fox dating a girl and finding her dancing with another guy and winning her back) fake, or does he really want her to be his "Barbie girl."

Devin Fox was sued by the girl, who prefers to not have her name released to the public, after he stalked her walking around with a basketball. "It just seemed...creepy," she said, "it was a music video, now suddenly he is telling me that he thinks my lips are bright and they shine like a star." She also claimed that he tried to hug her multiple times, talked about taking her all over the world, was forced to listen to Fox's heavy breathing for 8 minutes on headphones, and gave her pennies as presents.

The jury found Fox guilty of stalking and harassment and a restraining order was placed that he could not be in places within 20.7 feet of her. If the restraining order is broken, he could face as high as 4 years in juneville hall and/or community service.

Attending the court session was that kid that looks like Rupert Grint a bit, who was Devin's rival in the music video. "During the filming of the music video, he used to mutter in a creepy way", says the kid that looks like Rupert Grint a bit, "and I at first thought he was acting, but I could see he was obsessed over that girl...in real life."

Devin Fox's video so far (as of May 20, 2011) has 62,435 dislikes. Comments such as "Devin Fox is the retarded child of Rebecca Black and Justin Bieber" and "This kid can't sing and he's a blond Justin Bieber" have clogged up the comments on the video, with the green thumbs up always next to them.

So will Devin be devilling his way back to his 'fantastic and plastic' girl again? Or will he be heading all over the world...on his own?

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