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Dentist 'told patient to wear a spangly bra and knickers or go elsewhere'

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Monday, March 19, 2018, 03:44:59 (UTC)

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18 September 2007


A dental patient in need a good, hard filling (fnar fnar).

A DENTIST made a woman wear spangly bra and knickers and dress up as a Las Vegas show girl as the price of accepting her as an patient, it is alleged. Mustafa Hardon is said to have told the patient that unless she wore a glittering gold bra, matching knickers and elaborate headdress she would have to find another practice.

It is claimed that the 31-year-old dentist asked to speak to the woman in private after she turned up for an appointment at his clinic in Bury. According to the charges, he questioned her on whether she was "willing to put on a show for him" and told her that if he was to treat her she would have to first wear a set of " spangly underwear." and "do a sexy Vegas show dance". He is said to have then put on a CD of Barry White hits and turned down the lights" to get in the mood for the sexy dancings.".

The charges to be heard by the General Dental Council say that Mr Hardon undermined public confidence in his profession by "attempting to turn his practice into a poor mans Vegas show.".

Tory MP Sir Paul Hankypanky, himself a former dentist, said: "When a sexy lady patient comes to see me I have no concern that they put on a sexy spangly bra for me, I certainly don't expect a sexy Las Vegas style show dance. That would be outrageous!"

"For me a simple low cut dress or pair of tight hotpants that reveal 'her camels foot' will usually suffice. I am a reasonable man with a reasonable mans needs after all."

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