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Defective US bombs explode, posing health hazard

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Tuesday, March 20, 2018, 00:38:59 (UTC)

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11 August 2014


Reports of the recall are expected to have devastating impacts on Laos's bomb-based home construction industry.

McALESTER, Oklahoma -- Facing increasing criticism due to reports of defects among its munitions, McAlester Army Ammunition Plant issued a recall today on its 2000-pound Type MK 84 on grounds that it poses a danger to people standing below the drop zone.

The statement issued by the company this morning cited numerous cases in recent sorties in Iraq where the MK 84, a general purpose munition often mated to various guidance systems, violently broke apart in high-velocity explosions just feet above the ground, leading to the deaths of combatants and civilians alike. The defect is believed to be related to the proximity trigger shorting near the surface and unexpectedly igniting the munition's blasting cap.

"Obviously we're very concerned about this recent development," said Brigadier General Larry Wyche, manager of the facility. "The concept of people dying in a military bombing run due to our products is the sort of thing that would make any decent human being have trouble sleeping at night."

Coming on the heels of concerns about the dangers of chemicals used in lethal injections under the Oklahoma death penalty, video footage posted on social media this week revealed scores of Islamic State fighters as well as civilians near their positions torn apart by the defective McAlester weapons. Reports have surfaced that the same defective weapons are in IS's arsenal and have likewise been unintentionally exploding amidst innocent Yazidi refugees.

"I thought I was making bombs to save lives," said Carol Huber, a veteran assembly line operator at the plant. "Am I just supposed to convince myself that all is for the best and not give it any more thought? What kind of soulless monster could do that?"

ICRC reports suggest that in the past week, the MK 84 has been the second leading cause of death in Northern Iraq, after ballistically-launched aid packages.

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