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Day of No New News falls just short

We distort, you deride

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Friday, March 23, 2018, 19:28:59 (UTC)

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14 July 2008


TheLedBalloon hunting season is now open. $200 to the first one to give me the head of him.

UnNEWS, Uncyclopedia - Yesterday, July 13th, 2008 was scheduled to be the first annual "Day of No New News" days. The day started off well with no real UnNews writers even coming near the site, however towards the end of the day, at roughly 2300 hours, an UnNews Writer lead the charge against the Day of No New News, a one TheLedBalloon, who desecrated the good name of the Day on No New News. He posted his short, but too the point The newsless streak is over; suck it Uncyclopedia which opened up for another UnNews writer to break the code of the No New News Day. Dexter111344 ended the day by completely spoiling everybody's dreams of the first ever Annual No New News day, by posting a fully written UnNews Article, Ebony and Ivory break-up, just seconds before the end of the day, which to many Uncyclopedians was a gigantic suckerpunch to the gonads, as if he did it purely to shove a big middle finger in the faces of all Uncyclopedians who wanted to see the end of the day with no real UnNewses.

On that note, concerned Uncyclopedians who had their hearts shattered due to the events of yesterday have banded together to begin "TheLedBalloon hunting season" where anyone who successfully kills a TheLedBalloon and brings his head to the ringleader of the Day of No New News, Sonic80, will get $50 and to the first one who gives him one will be awarded $200. Hunting season will last until August 14th, 2008, at which time, The person who has killed the most TheLedBalloons will be awarded a secret award.

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