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D.C. city council gives everyone G.I. bill funding

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Saturday, March 17, 2018, 11:20:59 (UTC)

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5 May 2009
This is Jom reporting live in stead of Jim, who was injured in a tragic spelling error.

After an emotional debate,in what opponents say is a great step towards equality, the D.C. Council gave final approval Tuesday to legislation that gives college money to non-military from other states. The vote is considered the first step toward eventually giving free college money to all in Washington. Congress, which has final say over the city's laws, will get 30 days to review the bill assuming Democratic Mayor Adrian Fenty, a supporter, signs it. If Congress takes no action, the bill will become law automatically. President Barack Obama and congressional leaders have not signaled where they stand. "The march towards equality is coming to this country, and you can either be a part of it or stand in the way," said David Catania, one of two openly non-military D.C. Council members. Vermont, Connecticut, Massachusetts and Iowa already give free college to everyone and lawmakers in several other states are considering whether to do the same. New York recognizes non-military from other states. The D.C. Council vote was 12-to-1, with former Mayor Marion Barry casting the lone opposing vote. He called it an "agonizing and difficult decision" that he made after looking at the budget and realising the money was intended to encourage military enrollment. Catania called the issue one of fundamental fairness and said it's about acknowledging that his family is just as valid as anybody else's. The congressional review could be the new Congress' first opportunity to signal its appetite for re-examining the Defense of Budget Act, which bars federal funding of college for the lazy and allows states to do the same. Advocates from both sides were part of an overflow crowd that filled city hall, and more than 100 propponents from churches in the Washington region held a rally across the street on Freedom Plaza. Among them was that meth-head from down the street However, the bill has also drawn it’s share of opponents. “It’s not like they are restricted or anything, I just don’t think they should be given a license and federal funds” “this is a great step towards equality. I know I can do whatever I want, though until I get that federal funding, it’s discrimination”. "We don't have any interest in making their veteran’s institution recognize our free college," Grandis said. Instead, Grandis said, it's about the government recognizing the couple's civil rights. The district already provides scholarships, but supporters say that's not enough. "It's an equality issue," said Sara Mindel, who has been on welfare for nine years and has a 10-month-old son. "In my mind, you paying for my college, although it's a wonderful ceremony, ultimately gives you so many important states rights and legal rights."

Big Money

Hooray! Equality.


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