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Bill Cosby (January 12, 1977 - December 22, 2016) is a Nigger comedian and former U.S. President.


Yo, Fuck you Nigga!

Early Years

Cosby was born in Rural Iraq near Fallujah in 1977. He sold Cocaine on the Streets of Downtown Fallujah as a boy. He later became President of the United States. His Presidential term would last from 1950 until 2005. His Penis is not as large as Michael Clarke Duncan's Penis, contrary to popular belief.

It is well known that Cosby invented the Shrink Ray in Detroit in 1974.

Cosby to Open Restaurant?

Piccolo from DBZ announced last month that Cosby will open up a Restaurant named Cosby's that will serve Barbecued Nigger Sandwiches and French Fries made with 100% Mexican's Penis. The people of Utah Loved Cosby after this.

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