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Controversial Sex-Ed Book Aimed At Four-Year-Olds

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Thursday, February 22, 2018, 18:41:59 (UTC)

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22 June 2006


With its colorful illustrations, "It's Not the Cock" looks like any other children's book at first glance.

But it's not. This is sex ed for preschoolers!

“It's definitely aimed at kids who are 4 and up.”
~ Oscar Wilde on Sex

"When we answer our kids' questions in an honest, straightforward way, just give them the facts, they feel respected, they feel honored, and if we don't answer them, then we are saying that something is wrong with your question," said Allen, the writer of the controversial tome.

The controversy surrounds what is taught in vivid detail in the book, and secular humanists are up in arms.

"They're not maintaining the fairy tale that children that age can grasp and should believe in human reproduction!", says Charles, a father of two.

The debate is over whether the truth about human reproduction and the effects of pollution should be taught to children at such a young age, or if they should remain blissfully unaware of the dire lack of storks in the western world, which has been causing a sharp decrease in human reproduction in all industrialized countries.

Secular humanists believe that only the accepted myth that humans reproduce through sexual intercourse - the insertion of that worthless male crotch organ (commonly called a "Cock") into the female crotch organ (commonly called a "Chicken"), then that there is some magic process by which babies are made.

"It's scandalous to teach children about the stork! You'll ruin their young minds!", continues Charles, "I refuse to buy and provide this piece of explicit filth to my children," as Charles' wife walks out their back door and tosses a couple Koi in their pond hoping to attract another stork.

Families can decide for themselves on July 25th, when the book goes on sale.

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