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Coauthor of the "Left Behind" series agrees: world will be ending

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Wednesday, March 21, 2018, 05:26:59 (UTC)

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29 July 2006

EARTH -- Tim LaHaye, coauthor of the "Left Behind" book series has jumped on the Apocalyptic bandwagon and is speaking openly about why he thinks the world may be ending soon, and that Jesus Christ will return.

UnNews was unable to get an interview with the man himself, so we settled for a Q&A interview from LaHaye's seven-year old nephew, Tyler.

Q: What links can you make from today's current events in the Middle East to what's in the Book of Revelations?
A: Whats a Middle East?

Q: Can you tell us more about what Mr. LaHaye meant when he stated that all of the innocent will join God?
A: Are you Bill O'Reilly?

Q: Do you want me to be?
A: Umm...

Q: So let's just...get down to what many people want to know. Who's the anti-Christ?
A: Snizzard!

Q: Is he a Senator? Who's Snizzard?
A: He's a bad guy from the Power Rangers! MIGHTY MORPHIN POWER RANGERS!

Fortunately, Tyler isn't the only one who believes Snizzard may be the anti-Christ. After a short interview with Power Rangers producer Kyle Griffin:

Q: One of your fans said that Snizzard was the anti-Christ. Do you think that Snizzard could be the anti-Christ?
A: I believe that's very possible, yes.

Q: But wasn't he killed?
A: It's likely that he may be reincarnated.

Q: Who would he be reincarnated as?
A: Uhh...hmm...I don't--...Hillary Clinton?

So there you have it. The world: ending soon. The anti-Christ: Snizzard.

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