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|date=May 29, 2007}}
|date=May 29, 2007}}
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29 May 2007


Queen of Hearts with King of Spades, yesterday

BRITISH TV BROADCASTER CHANNEL 4 has said it will go ahead with the broadcast of a film showing previously unseen photographs of Princess Diana wearing dresses that made her look like a tupenny whore, despite anger from her friends and criticism from politicians.

Channel 4 has denied the program is sensationalizing Diana's death and has described the film as "merely a credible challenge to the common view of the princess as a global fashion icon."

It will broadcast "Diana: She Love You Long Time" next week, to mark the 10th anniversary of her death. Newspapers have reported that the program features previously unpublished photographs of the princess wearing a series of dresses that make her look like a cheap, tupenny whore.

"These photographs are an important and accurate eyewitness record of how Lady Diana's so called "fashion sense" could, at times, go very badly awry," a Channel 4 statement said.

"We acknowledge there is great public sensitivity surrounding pictures of Diana in dresses that make her look like a cheap, tupenny whore," Channel 4 said, adding that it believed the events were the subject of "genuine public interest to know how this supposedly flawlessly beautiful woman could so often look like a cheap, tupenny whore".

C4 earlier this year stoked controversy with a programme suggesting that legendary gaylord Elton John is in fact a closet heterosexual. The channel was forced to retract its accusations after Mr John published a series of private photographs that "settled the issue once and for all".

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