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Cartoon plotter charged in Denmark

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Monday, March 19, 2018, 07:12:59 (UTC)

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31 December 2010


Cartoon suspect arrested on suspicion.

GLOSTRUP, Copenhagen -- A cartoon drawing has been charged in a Danish court with attempting to carry out an act of simulated pencil-drawn terrorism.

It was arrested on Wednesday on suspicion of plotting to attack the offices of a newspaper, which printed a cartoon of the Prophet Muhammad. Although the published picture was simply a sketch showing the back of the head, it was nevertheless the Prophet.

A court in Glostrup, west of Copenhagen, remanded the cartoon in custody for four weeks. The suspect, who pleaded not guilty by reason of being a simple cartoon, is also charged with possession of an illegal weapon, or, rather, a cartoon drawing of a bomb.

The cartoon charged is suspected of being a Swedish drawing, although it is also reported to have been drawn by an artist in Lebanon. The artist is not expected to appear in court in connection with the plot because his/her whereabouts are not known.

On Wednesday, the head of PET, Jackob Bharf said the cartoon was part of "a militant Islamic group of drawings with links to international terrorist artists" that aimed to "carry out a Toontown-style attack".

No people were killed or hurt in the attacks by 10 gun-toting cartoons in Toon-town in November 2008 – mainly because cartoons are merely drawings with no real substance or ability to do physical harm.

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