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Cameron scuppers EU deal for the UK

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Friday, March 23, 2018, 11:20:59 (UTC)

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02 August 2015


British Prime Minister David Cameron is determined to get a better deal for Britain by making it impossible to negotiate a deal with the EU, or leave altogether.

BRUSSELS, Belgium -- British Prime Minister David Cameron has informed exasperated Brussels officials that the UK wants "a better deal" or the UK will exit the European Union entirely.

Mr Cameron did not specify why the deal needed to be better, nor what would render it sufficiently better, two things that might make it impossible to negotiate. Nor did the PM say how the UK intends to absent itself from Europe.

Mr Cameron's move came as yet another online poll showed that two-thirds of the UK population were not waiting for the promised referendum but stated that:

  • Brussels still does not represent value for money,
  • The EU are largely responsible for the loss of control of the UK’s borders.

Britons also said it is not right that over 50 percent of UK law today comes from the EU. In fact, the only EU legislation that respondents welcomed was the one making it illegal to eat one's pet.

In fact, British concern about “European law” is misplaced. There is no such thing, because Brussels change or ignore their own law on a whim. For example, Article 125 of the EU Treaty, which states: “The Union shall not be liable for...public undertakings of any Member State”, technically has no exception for the ongoing bail-out of Greece.

A substantial portion of those polled volunteered the opinion that the EU should confine itself to the advertised goal of debating pan-European issues, such as easing red tape for export/import business, rather than debating whether cucumbers should be bent, labelling Swedish so they are not confused with turnips in the supermarket, and hair-splitting with product-label writers about whether bottled water actually hydrates you.

Mr Cameron promised a referendum on union with Europe in the 2015 British general election, as the promise seemed to be an obligatory component of a campaign. In addition, European legislation — where the UK already had perfectly good legislation — is crippling the cucumber business, upsetting Swedes, and decimating pet shops. Also, by effectively wiping out war in Europe, the important Conservative constituency of weapons dealers are in a downturn for the first time since 1914.

However, the new online poll may be Mr Cameron's first glimpse of the depth of British feelings on Europe — which may suggest that most want him to actually keep the promise. Fortunately for his government, the poll contained no hint that respondents view the sixth promise of a vote on a Brexit, following a fourth change of government, as just something politicians were saying to hang onto power.

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