UnNews:Britany Spears decides to take over world, Lindsay Lohan build sub-atomic gun

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Britany Spears decides to take over world, Lindsay Lohan build sub-atomic gun

Democracy Dies with Dignity

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Sunday, March 18, 2018, 23:39:59 (UTC)

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June 21 2007

Washington, Yugoslavia-- Today was a tragic sight as world leader, Britany Spears, decided that the world was going to be hers.

The now wordly accepted poster featuring Britany Spears. This was a self-portrait, so Britany did it wrong..... again...

At 25:98, Britany Spears, with her loyal dolphin Lindsey Lohan, declared war on the rest of the world by email. George bush accepted, as he thought it was just an email accpeting him into the Britany Spears lesbian lovers(tm). However, Tony Blair, being the smart dude he is, let Britany take control of Tealand. Britany then threatned every other country to give her their land, or else she would shave off her hair and hit some guy with an umbrella, again.. Lindsey calmed the situation, then started taking a few drugs. She ran off crazy into the woods, several hours later. She is still out on the loose, and has reported to as wielding several dead squirrels, and a broken copy of freaky friday. She is reported to be dangerous. Anyone with the whereabouts of Lindsay, just keep it to yourself, we dont want that freaky fucking friday bitch being all druggie on us. Britany has asked also for everyone to know that Paris Hilton is "OH MY GOD, sooooooo hot !"

This is a picture of Lindsay Lohan. She is dangerous, and has a special attack that will drain your speed and mana points by 50 each turn. Also has a chance of posioning. Effective against fire type pokémon

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