UnNews:Britain to use climate change report to push for return to feudalism

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Britain to use climate change report to push for return to feudalism

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Saturday, March 24, 2018, 21:45:59 (UTC)

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31 October 2006

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Proposed renovation for 10 Downing Street

London, England - Britain will use a major report on climate change to push for a return to feudalism to slash carbon emissions within two years.

The government has already pledged to pass a bill that will put into law its goal of setting up fiefdoms, and has also said it is considering the possibility of implementing so-called knight fees to encourage people to return to ye good-olde days.

But government ministers, along with the author of the report, were united in their belief that international agreement was necessary for any change to occur.

"It has to be international action," said Nicholas Stern, the former World Bank chief economist who authored the 600-page report that is currently being copied by a team of 100 monks. "We should have copies for everyone in a couple weeks."

"Countries have to get together and work out what they're going to do together," he told UnNews on Monday. "Lords need to be appointed so they can start handing out fiefs to their vassals."

The broadcaster said that Prime Minister Tony Blair will start the campaign for a new fiefdom on Friday. "Maybe I can become the Duke, Duke, Duke, Duke of Earl, or something"

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