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27 August 2008


Solomon with Donald Pleasence on The Set of You only Live Twice.

Solomon, the white cat, who appeared with villian Ernst Satvro Blofeld in the James Bond movies You Only Live Twice and Diamonds Are Forever. Died today in what has been described by Staffordshire Vetinary Surgeon Peter Mathis "as a Catnip Overdose". Solomon also known for his cat litter commercials and who was reputed as Stimpys mentor was reported missing to police last friday. He was finally found yesterday evening in a sleazy hotel in Eastbourne UK bound to a bed with white lace and surrounded by at least (sic) 2 dozenCatnip plants. Three cats were taken in for questioning but were released soon afterwards, Sussex Police do not suspect foul play and have ruled death by misadventure. Fellow Actors Telly Savalas and Donald Pleasence are expected to attend the funeral which will be held last Thursday.

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