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Black Hole discovered in Uncyclopedia, causes a rip in QVFD

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Tuesday, March 20, 2018, 21:56:59 (UTC)

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5 November 2006

Problems playing this file? You might be a dope.

Uncyclopedia, The Interweb

Physicists all throughout the globe were shocked today to realize an amazing truth: an indisputable proof that Black Holes do in fact exist.

It all started as a seemingly small wiki glitch that caused QVFD's November 4th to go unaccounted for. Annoyed Uncync officials looking for the bug were amazed to realize that they are, in fact, harboring a miniature Black Hole within the QVFD page.


A Black Hole in the QVFD hall. Hey! I made a rhyme!

"It all began when we went into the QVFD" stated a Uncync official "And I send Jonny to check around the atomic clock to see if we have a bad connection or something, and then the fucker just disappeared! I immediately called Bob. I said - BOB! WHERE'D JONNY GONE TO?! and he looks at me and says - WHO THE HELL IS JONNY?. And he looked completely serious as well. I sealed off the QVFD hall immediately and told the human resource people to page Jonny, and they said - WHO THE FUCK IS JONNY? Then I really started to suspect that we have a problem".

An emergency HazMat team immediately dispatched to the scene discovered an amazing truth: a miniature black hole next to the QVFD causing a major rip in the time-space continuum.


Poor Jonny in better days. Whose picture is that, by the way?

"The problem with those nasty rips" said Uncync's head of HazMat, Famine, is that as soon as it swallows something it is as though it never existed. Hence, November 4th never happened and that poor sod, what was his name again? Jonny? Was never born. Who? Jonny? Never heard of him".

In great rejoice Uncync declared an international physics convention to be held in the QVFD hall, to show the world it's new toy - the miniature black hole who swallowed November 4.

...But then again, November never had a "November 4" did it?

And so, after nothing really happened and November 4 never existed in the first place, this article is completely pointless no?


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