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BNP councillor denies involvement in gay porn film

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Sunday, March 25, 2018, 00:05:59 (UTC)

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11 May 2006

Richard Barnbrook, London leader of the British National Party, has denied involvement in a pornographic gay movie, insisting "I was only twenty-two, and anyway it was a bloody art film."

Discovery of the film, "HMS Discovery: A Love Story" (alternative titles: "Arse Pirates: The Search For Booty" and "All Aboard the Jolly Richard") has raised questions within the right-wing organisation as to Mr. Barnbrook's suitability for the post.

"HMS Discovery is an art movie." says Mr. Barnbrook. "I don't doubt that detractors of the BNP will try to find some sort of "homoerotic subtext" in the scene where the crew are captured by Russian spies, stripped to their underwear and forced to wrestle for their survival or where the captain cavity searches a naughty crewman. They will doubtless claim that the "initiation ceremony" episode has undertones of male sexual love. I suspect that they will even question the validity of a discotheque existing on a frigate.

"The simple fact is, the BNP's detractors will try any underhand trick to smear our party's name, and my peers should not judge me based on my involvement in one film. I would like to draw their attention to the good work I have done for the British Nationalist Party: the procurement, for example, of three hundred pairs of tight-fitting leather trousers with which to equip activists, the recent renovation and interior decoration of our party HQ or the success of Racist Bigots: The Musical"

Mr. Barnbrook was a painter, conceptual artist, anal-gymnast and teacher before turning to right-wing politics.

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