UnNews:BBC team attacks Gaddafi forces in Tripoli

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BBC team attacks Gaddafi forces in Tripoli

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Tuesday, March 20, 2018, 22:01:59 (UTC)

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23 August 2011


Mr. Rufus is willing to go to great lengths for a little audience

Tripoli--Libya Heavy fighting has ceased in the Libyan capital after rebels seized control of most streetcorners and stripclubs in the city on Sunday. However, forces loyal to Colonel Gaddafi are still trying to get some dope without paying for it.

BBC reporter Rufus Donald-Bunny was accompanying rebels into central Tripoli when pro-Gaddafi forces crossed path with his convoy. He was reporting live when the incident occurred. As the news team was rolling among hobos that were screaming their lungs out, Rufus was reporting that the city was really quiet. By chance, Gaddafi forces heard him lying and expressed their dissatisfaction with this western media habit. A fistfight broke out when Rufus accidentally spat on the authorities while mumbling incoherently for the camera.

The situation is tensed in Tripoli since the rebels entered the city a few days ago and started to do the doorbell prank to Mr. Gaddafi in order to deprive him from sleep and make him accept their demands. The situation came to a grind when a NATO stryke cut the electricity supply to the presidential tent, because knocking on tent canvas was found to be highly impractical for their purpose. CIA specialists are hard at work to restore electricity to the presidential doorbell and to come up with a knock-knock type joke in arabic to boost the morale of the rebels. In the mean time, other news crews are desperately trying to replicate the success of the BBC News team, by exaggerating and spraying bystanders with various bodily fluids.

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