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Pile of tapes

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This is an index, sorted by the creation date of the text story, of UnNews stories that include the {{UnNewsAudio}} template to indicate that a broadcast version was made. The link is to the text story, but you can click on the icon at the upper right of the text story to hear the Audio.

16-Mar-2015:UnNews:All eyes are on the F.E.D.
11-Mar-2015:UnNews:Hillary comes really clean
08-Mar-2015:UnNews:US has no room to store new tax forms
24-Feb-2015:UnNews:Chihuahuans form record gas line
09-Feb-2015:UnNews:Obama explains continuing Muslim violence
25-Jan-2015:UnNews:Obama to save the day by attending Abdullah funeral
21-Jan-2015:UnNews:New England steals AFC trophy
10-Jan-2015:UnNews:Congress OKs the XL
26-Dec-2014:UnNews:Russian currency crisis ends
10-Dec-2014:UnNews:Louisiana gets around to announcing vote
30-Nov-2014:UnNews:Boston avoids exciting nil-nil draw
10-Nov-2014:UnNews:Obama hears everyone
01-Sep-2014:UnNews:Officials calm about brain-eating amoeba in tap water
26-Jul-2014:UnNews:FAA resumes flights into Austin
12-Jul-2014:UnNews:Biden asks governors to lead nation out of mess
30-May-2014:UnNews:Ballmer bids $2B for Clippers
28-May-2014:UnNews:Mexican develops apple-based fuel
11-May-2014:UnNews:Nigerian micro-cap plans IPO
29-Apr-2014:UnNews:NBA owner disinvites fans
11-Apr-2014:UnNews:Windows XP becomes suddenly useless
07-Apr-2014:UnNews:Congress writes last-ever dirty tax bill
04-Apr-2014:UnNews:Army-base shooting occurs without jihad
28-Mar-2014:UnNews:Kudlow: Let's all boycott Russia
22-Mar-2014:UnNews:E*Trade is a baby-killer
22-Mar-2014:UnNews:Ukraine's lost paradise Crimea becomes parking lot
22-Mar-2014:UnNews:Biden thrusts against "naked" Crimea
22-Mar-2014:UnNews:Every American gets a raise
06-Mar-2014:UnNews:NFL to police hurtful language during games
27-Feb-2014:UnNews:Clown shortage threatens the nation
24-Feb-2014:UnNews:"El Chapo" captured and returned to Ukraine White House
11-Feb-2014:UnNews:Germans angry over American diplomat's advice
05-Feb-2014:UnNews:Super Bowl train snafu surely Christie's fault
03-Feb-2014:UnNews:Phoenix star shooter goes 0-for-10
30-Jan-2014:UnNews:Walmart tightens controls on donkey meat
01-Jan-2014:UnNews:Baseball changes rules to stress safety
01-Jan-2014:UnNews:Cyrus's latest foray into sluttiness shows no corporate influence
03-Dec-2013:UnNews:Amazon to adopt Obamacare innovations
30-Nov-2013:UnNews:Five African nations agree on regional unity
29-Nov-2013:UnNews:Kerry negotiates standstill agreement with Obamacare
20-Nov-2013:UnNews:Schwab says Gerald Ford should return as US President
19-Nov-2013:UnNews:Pope finds a train sign in his bed
11-Nov-2013:UnNews:US moves against trans-fats
24-Dec-2013:UnNews:Britain allows cameras in courtrooms
01-Nov-2013:UnNews:Dell defends cat-urine smell of its laptops
28-Oct-2013:UnNews:US to Europe: No blood, no foul
26-Oct-2013:UnNews:Uncle Sam's allies cry foul
17-Oct-2013:UnNews:Politicians end fake shutdown with fake agreement
16-Oct-2013:UnNews:Apple to introduce the Burberry Mac
09-Oct-2013:UnNews:Government computers to predict Army suicides
09-Oct-2013:UnNews:Merkel promises Germany a New Dull
03-Oct-2013:UnNews:US government shuts down with unprecedented triteness
01-Oct-2013:UnNews:Armed forces will allow attacks against White House and Congress during shutdown
19-Sep-2013:UnNews:Microsoft secures "Xbone.com" domain name
12-Sep-2013:UnNews:Putin runs for New York comptroller
10-Sep-2013:UnNews:Barack Obama announces USA allies in planned Syrian war
23-Sep-2013:UnNews:Boston declares war on Detroit
31-Aug-2013:UnNews:A-Rod plunking spurs debate over baseball protocol
25-Apr-2013:UnNews:UnNews wire hacked; President is unhurt
10-Feb-2013:UnNews:White House releases photo of Obama skeet-shooting
09-Jan-2013:UnNews:Al Roker to star in reality TV show on diarrhea
30-Oct-2012:UnNews:BBC DJ's warned over possible Savile Pranksters
21-Oct-2012:UnNews:Windows 8 baffles users; but, screw 'em!
14-Oct-2012:UnNews:Prof sues law school for bias against conservatives
15-Sep-2012:UnNews:Riots spread across Arabia protesting American cinema
30-Aug-2012:UnNews:Romney/Ryan to re-institute Negro slavery
14-Jul-2012:UnNews:Man with no head swims English Channel
17-Sep-2012:UnNews:Pennsylvania city renames itself for cash
17-Sep-2012:UnNews:U.S. enforces "Green-Hill Zone" over Libya
17-Sep-2012:UnNews:US asks Microsoft exec to gum up tax code
17-Sep-2012:UnNews:Company cornering the market on 800 numbers
17-Sep-2012:UnNews:Gadhafi's daughter gives defiant speech
17-Sep-2012:UnNews:Everyone got rolled in the budget deal
17-Sep-2012:UnNews:Government shutdown averted
17-Sep-2012:UnNews:Romer: Inflation is good for America
17-Sep-2012:UnNews:Sal Fasano returns to work
03-Jul-2013:UnNews:Obama cites animal rights for Libya move
17-Sep-2012:UnNews:Angela Merkel lies down in a darkened room
17-Sep-2012:UnNews:Anti-union Wisconsin law published despite injunction
03-Jul-2013:UnNews:United States abandons handshakes
17-Sep-2012:UnNews:India cracks down on fake pilot licenses

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