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Armenian plane successfully completes flight

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Monday, March 19, 2018, 05:26:59 (UTC)

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3 May 2006

GEORGIA - An Armenian Airlines flight has successfully landed, with no loss of life. This is the first time in the airline's history that an aircraft failed to crash, and investigators are actively working to determine what went wrong.

The plane, carrying 120 people, successfully flew an ILS approach and despite a last minute effort by the crew not to deploy the gear, touched down at 14:21 local time. Passengers and their relatives were in shock after the landing, with one woman quoted as saying "I can't believe it. Why didn't the plane crash?" Investigators are currently in the process of recovering the flight data recorder, which they hope will determine the cause of the landing.

The preliminary theory focuses around an actual pilot flying the plane. Sources close to the investigation say that the pilot, Gary Rubab, is believed to have taken flight classes and actually received his pilot's license. Though many experts refuse to say that this is actually the cause of the successful touchdown, the truth will have to wait until all ends have been investigated. A senior official in the investigation stated "It may have been a hi-jacking, possibly linked with Al-Qaeda". He later added "Or maybe it wasn't".

Lawyers representing families of the victims have already filed a class action lawsuit against Armenian Airlines. The families demand compensation for physical and emotional damages as a result of their relatives’ survival coming to a total of 4.2 billion rubles (roughly 3 American goats) and an independent review of airline safety procedures. A spokesman for the plaintiffs made this comment "I think we represent all Armenians in that we just want to prevent this kind of horror from ever happening again."

While Airbus has released no official comment, sources close to the company say the failure will be looked into and rectified on future aircraft.

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