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"Halloween 2: H2" trailer debuts on Uncyclopedia, Daeg Faerch superimposed, and more!

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Thursday, March 22, 2018, 16:07:59 (UTC)

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25 April 2009

Daeg Faerch H2

"Former" Young Michael Myers actor Daeg Faerch's superimposition over "replacement" Chase Wright Vanek is among the highlights in the trailer for Rob Zombie's Halloween sequel, H2.

HORRORWOOD, California -- After much speculation, impatience, fan support, giddiness, and fan backlash, studio Dimension Films and writer-director Rob Zombie have finally unleashed the highly-anticpated trailer for the upcoming sequel to Zombie's Halloween remake, currently titled H2.

Following the runaway success of the footage seen on TV's Entertainment Tonight, Dimension Films has cut a previously-unheard-of deal with Uncyclopedia (which went into effect Friday, April 24) to feature the trailer on the front page (in place of "today's featured article") for a special two-week engagement, ending on May 8. The video will be Quicktime HD quality rather than standard YouTube quality. "YouTube's for Rickrolls," says Dimension chief Harvey Weinstein. "Uncyclopedia is a whole new frontier and I think any kind of exposure we get from this site will help put butts in seats."

Speaking of butts, Zombie has been in jeopardy of having his kicked for the March 3 removal of Daeg Faerch from reprising his 2007 role of Young Michael Myers, replacing him with little-known actor Chase Wright Vanek. The stunt resulted in an overwhelming backlash, a 23-signature petition, and rampages on sites ranging from HalloweenMovies.com, The Original Halloween Message Board (OHMB), Internet Movie Database, YouTube, Bloody-Disgusting (B-D), ShockTillYouDrop (STYD), Dread Central, MySpace, eBaumsWorld, RobZombie.com, UpcomingHorrorMovies.com (UHM) and Fangoria. Fans were outraged, horrified, and pissed at Rob Zombie and all responsible for the incident. Among the trailer's many highlights is the fact that Faerch is being superimposed on Vanek's body... and it looks flawless! Critics have hailed Faerch's brief performance in the trailer, saying among other things:


Sherri Moon Zombie reprises her role of Deborah Myers in husband Rob's H2.

“Daeg Faerch, in the ten seconds of screen time he is given in this trailer, sends chills down my spine. Despite his growth spurt and puberty, he is not too old to play the younger Myers. This is a performance that should be remembered on Oscar night. If there's a petition to get him nominated, sign me up.”
~ Peter Travers on Daeg Faerch
“A tour-de-force, Oscar-worthy performance that only certain actors can pull off.”
~ Roger Ebert on Daeg Faerch
“There is only one young Michael Myers and his name is Daeg Faerch!”
~ Richard Roeper on Daeg Faerch
“This guy is good!”
~ Mickey Spillane on Daeg Faerch
“His Michael scares the shit out of me.”
~ Stephen King on Daeg Faerch
~ Tony the Tiger on Daeg Faerch
~ Mr. Burns on Daeg Faerch
“His Michael scares the shit out of me.”
~ John Carpenter on Daeg Faerch
“Scared me to death.”
~ Donald Pleasence on Daeg Faerch
Toth Myers H2

Mask and effects guru Wayne Toth with his two Myers creations.

Zombie has commented on Faerch's romoval and subsequent superimposition, stating:

“Recasting young Michael was not something I wanted to do, but the Weinsteins forced me to do something to piss off the fans, and I thought this would be the ultimate pissoff. Lo and behold, I was damn right! The fans stoned me for it, and I decided to save money on film and travel by superimposing Daeg over the footage we already had. Yes, I've learned my lesson well: I should have kept Daeg to begin with. Damn me for letting him go.”
~ Rob Zombie on finally admitting what an ass he is for even C0NSIDERING dropping Daeg Faerch

The Daeg Faerch footage has gotten more attention than any other element in the trailer, but other highlights include:

  • Sherri Moon Zombie as a ghostly Deborah Myers from the remake, a deadringer for Stevie Nicks.
  • Laurie Strode (Scout-Taylor Compton) being rushed to the hospital, only to have Michael Myers (Tyler Mane) blow it up, which turns out to be a dream.
  • Michael Myers wearing his new mask and hoodie. His old mask has half its face blown off from the Halloween ending, so he asks his gadget man Cassius Wolf (Morgan Freeman) to supply him with an updated costume with increased agility and decreased vulnerability to bullets and knives. It is believed that the new mask is made out of polyurethane rather than latex, but effects guru and Myers mask designer Wayne Toth has yet to confirm the material.
  • A TV clip of local TV horror host Uncle Seymour Coffins (originally to be played by Bill Moseley; replacement was unknown at press time, but is rumored to be Billy Mays) as Laurie looks into the mirror.

Make sure the trailer you see is the Uncyclopedia version. "Don't go to Yahoo! Movies," says Weinstein brother Bob, "Yahoo! Movies is a bootleg trailer that some hippie kid put up there. And the quality sucks worse than YouTube."

The movie is scheduled to open nationwide on August 28.

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