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14 February 2008


Can you see a ghost? We f**king can't!

AN AMATEUR PHOTOGRAPHER claims to have proof that ghosts exist after "inadvertently" taking a series of pictures that allegedly show a ghostly presence in a park. George Perv said he captured a photo of a ghostly apparition while taking pictures of "birds".

"I had been taking pictures of some Tits and I didn't, at first notice anything out of the ordinary, other than the fine tits that I was photographing."

It wasn't until Mr Perv got home that he noticed a few pictures in his digital camera that apparently showed a ghostly apparition, "I was just admiring a lovely couple of tits I had photographed when I noticed an apparent image of a phantom figure in the bushes."

Mr Perv, a member of a local Community "Amateur Tit Watchers" Club, said he thought the figure "was probably a fellow bird watcher from the olden days or some such, returning back from the grave to forever look at all the different tits that can be found in the park.".

Mr Perv said: "I've had the camera for quite a while now and I have never had any problems. I have been photographing rare tits for years and have even had some photos published in a number of "specialist" magazines and interweb sites.""

George also claimed to have "taken a picture of a yeti that was hiding up a young ladies skirt."

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