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Some news is so bloated it needs its own page.

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Massive Earthquake, Giant Sink Hole Swallows Chile20:45, February 1, 2016
Why?:Mitt Romney is a dick14:58, January 13, 2016
Nyaditski endures mosquitoes in third Amazon swim attempt19:36, November 17, 2013
Invisible Man evades capture20:30, July 8, 2013
Columbia no longer the drug capital of the world12:09, April 23, 2013
Quarter million Twitter passwords hacked22:59, February 4, 2013
Braga to the women: 'Feliz natal! I have given you a troll!'22:42, December 26, 2012
Nobody cares the world ends in two weeks11:26, December 7, 2012
Hebe Camargo dies19:20, November 26, 2012
Castro letter 'sign of recovery'17:48, November 20, 2012
Chavez plays down "crush you all" comment04:29, October 22, 2012
Hugo Chavez shuts down TV station that criticized him replaces it with new one staffed by Rosie O'Donnell05:20, September 17, 2012
Trapped Chilean miners request a very thin Elvis Presley to 'piped' down to them05:20, September 17, 2012
Roberto Carlos turns 71; awkward things happen05:14, September 17, 2012
Man flies across Rio de Janeiro using a catapult14:39, May 4, 2012
Strange looking animal found in Chico, California backyard18:02, February 7, 2012
Hugo Chavez to come out with his own PC17:51, February 7, 2012
Developing and Underdeveloped Nations do not care about the environment00:43, January 17, 2012
Surprise resurrection of Madalyn Murray O'Hair, America's most hated woman02:36, December 18, 2011
United States Launches Massive Assault on Chile16:38, December 15, 2011
Gay men banned from playing soccer in high altitudes01:31, August 24, 2011
Pope wore a German football shirt as he watched Argentina lose in World Cup01:31, August 24, 2011
Massive stadium brawl breaks out over contemporary solipsist philosophy07:52, May 25, 2011
Fidel Castro dead, vows to continue as Cuban president00:32, April 27, 2011
Miners make it out alive; Sago mine disaster's sole survivor commits suicide02:44, October 14, 2010
Moby Dick fossil found in Peruvian desert04:32, August 13, 2010
God fails at Club Penguin22:16, July 27, 2010
Free Colombian ‘devil's nipple’ costs users08:32, April 8, 2010
Doctor tells Chavez to stop animal sex23:10, March 2, 2010
Bush disappointed South America no longer on brink of war00:04, December 20, 2009
Bush goes on six day tour of Latin America23:48, December 19, 2009
George Bush arrives in America23:46, December 19, 2009
Venezuela's Chavez calls Obama "donkey puncher"20:11, December 17, 2009
Flaming flatulence rocks military21:32, March 22, 2009
Tree falls in a forest, nobody around to hear it01:35, February 10, 2009
Dead Babies Found in Dirty Dumpster04:17, May 6, 2008
Woman spared jail after using pet cat as a hair-piece11:57, May 1, 2008
Tata introduces the world's cheapest car22:05, January 13, 2008
Fidel Castro is still alive13:47, May 25, 2007
Heroic Argentinian poor march for right to be starving06:52, May 19, 2007
Chavez threatens to take over Venezuelans' living rooms17:11, May 7, 2007

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