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Some news is so fat it needs its own page.

Obama pitches health care on Uncyclopedia18:48, March 21, 2014
"Je ne sais pas", admits Frenchman19:40, March 10, 2014
Former convict nominated for Nobel War Prize19:38, February 17, 2014
Hollande caught cheating on mistress16:36, January 18, 2014
Biden admits they know everything you do in bed14:04, January 14, 2014
Obama fulfills campaign promise, becomes invisible01:06, January 8, 2014
Syria: peaceful protestors join government to battle terrorists10:12, January 7, 2014
Lavrov suggests US join war on terror02:28, January 1, 2014
Kim il-Thatch honoured with state funeral20:18, December 17, 2013
Netanyahu refuses Iranian peace initiative00:00, October 11, 2013
Putin runs for New York comptroller22:27, September 12, 2013
Corporatists fume as World cheers Snowden asylum17:13, August 21, 2013
Russia makes prison time a prerequisite for voting14:44, August 18, 2013
Fox's new show, "American Murder Idol", a big hit16:58, August 3, 2013
Black neighborhood watchdog kills white Chihuahua: The canine George Zimmerman reversal16:57, August 3, 2013
Russian Presidential Elections Held Again18:18, July 15, 2013
Edward Snowden books airline passage to Guantanamo Bay12:20, July 15, 2013
Diesel generators to keep turbines spinning06:56, July 15, 2013
Russian Presidential Elections Will Be Held Again07:18, July 12, 2013
Obama on NSA Phone Tapping: Most of you need to call your mothers more often20:28, July 8, 2013
Egyptian military overthrow elected President to defend Democracy20:24, July 6, 2013
Principal: Toy Gun Buy Back Program a Resounding Success17:54, June 18, 2013
Syria: Dijon mustard gas used in France19:50, June 7, 2013
Lebanon detains dolphin spy suspect08:16, April 30, 2013
'Lights Out' For Norway19:29, April 19, 2013
Low-ranking Syrian terrorist defects from NATO15:21, March 17, 2013
Cardinals vote on Russian roulette conclave to choose Pope23:41, March 13, 2013
US Army vet treats al Qaeda pets14:23, March 13, 2013
Iranian news adds burqa to Michelle Obama's Oscars dress18:44, March 4, 2013
Obama dashes Republican hopes, takes oath of office19:52, January 29, 2013
Al Roker to star in reality TV show on diarrhea10:21, January 23, 2013
Pact with Satan ends fiscal cliff woes23:42, January 2, 2013
Thatcher's second heart to lead her to re-election?23:06, December 25, 2012
Brooks begs Cameron to leave wife14:24, December 20, 2012
LSD users switch to Soma18:47, December 17, 2012
Japan's plan to deliver on economy relies on coping with China20:27, December 16, 2012
Gunfire near Arizona border blamed on Univisión15:57, December 15, 2012
Obama team blames Burma kiss on 'fatigue'15:56, November 22, 2012
David Cameron offers to "suck-off Middle-East for a tenner"02:26, November 14, 2012
Iranian jets fire on unarmed U.S. drone - missing wildly13:16, November 11, 2012

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