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O. R.

Some news is so overblown it needs its own page.

Leap year scares old people and children14:55, May 8, 2013
Lebanon detains dolphin spy suspect08:16, April 30, 2013
Columbia no longer the drug capital of the world12:09, April 23, 2013
"Time stopped for a while last week" says Renowned Scientist15:47, April 21, 2013
Barack Obama sworn in as Santa; everybody on Naughty List12:16, April 15, 2013
NASA announce new low-budget plan to contact aliens21:28, April 13, 2013
Savage Butter Knife Murderer Strikes Again03:12, April 13, 2013
Earth gains on Mars for sandiest planet11:30, April 3, 2013
New Jersey man cut off by asshole11:44, March 23, 2013
Lance Armstrong cast as Loki00:01, March 17, 2013
Mary-Jane caught with pot!22:19, March 16, 2013
Florida disappears into sinkhole14:48, March 4, 2013
Fat People are Harder to Kidnap23:48, February 24, 2013
Jehovah's Witnesses to 'update' Matt Damon film13:38, February 21, 2013
Pele to blow up Kilauea over political concerns04:23, February 17, 2013
Silvio moves on08:55, February 15, 2013
Axis of evil-doers to add pregnancy committee18:08, February 14, 2013
Free uncyclopedia handles DMCA takedown notice17:36, February 14, 2013
Wikia to offer "gold membership" for wikis17:34, February 14, 2013
Uncyclopedia to be preserved in the Library of Congress16:37, February 12, 2013
President Chelsea Clinton jubilant as Bashar al-Assad dies of old age19:30, February 11, 2013
Recovering New Orleans attempts to host Super Bowl18:11, February 1, 2013
Amazonian sea monster emerges from river17:26, January 28, 2013
Man marries brown rice08:23, January 25, 2013
Giant UFO seen at O'Hare Airport, aliens pissed at delays18:37, January 24, 2013
"Hungry Hungry Hippos" celebrates anniversary12:11, January 24, 2013
McDonalds Finalizes Purchase of the Gateway Arch17:14, January 22, 2013
Jews responsible for the holocaust, claims historian14:36, January 18, 2013
Aunt Hildred has the cooties02:19, January 16, 2013
Republican Party Declares War on Women18:49, January 14, 2013
Obama declares war on preggo rape18:42, January 14, 2013
Vice president Biden accused of infidelity18:41, January 14, 2013
Manchester United hold minute's silence for Robin van Persie01:51, January 14, 2013
Thomas The Tank Engine Dies, 2010 Movie cancelled.10:27, January 12, 2013
Sex expert says "duh" when asked about the causes of teenage pregnancy15:03, January 9, 2013
Rebels decide not to target air base in Syria13:09, January 9, 2013
Kim Kardashian and George Lucas reveal plans for new sitcom14:49, January 8, 2013
Spartan Hollywood begins another Emmy and Oscar Award19:38, January 7, 2013
"No tag-backs," declares Libya19:22, January 7, 2013
'Zombies' have free speech rights too, US court rules19:22, January 7, 2013

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