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Some news is so overblown it needs its own page.

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German scientists unearth a row of suckers belonging to the ancient Octopoda order.13:40, April 3, 2009
TZOD UPDATE: Dubai gets serious, culprits shot and caught16:47, March 28, 2009
Britain attempts to make plane crashes more deadly18:04, February 28, 2009
Syrian IT specialist 'caught' a vicious virus08:46, February 19, 2009
Lebanese parties pulling their socks for upcoming elections11:55, February 18, 2009
Lebanese citizens protest lack of war efforts15:53, February 7, 2009
Israel expands Gaza offensive21:06, January 7, 2009
UAE to cancel USA's $9 Trillion Debt17:31, July 6, 2008
Israelis and Palestinians agree on permanent war11:41, June 24, 2008
"Iraq causes headaches," says US troops05:16, May 12, 2008
Iran: Israel 'iz lyke ttly ghey'04:45, May 1, 2008
Female bomber trashes Shi'ite campus03:32, May 1, 2008
BizNews: McCormick & Company walk a tightrope on turkey incursions01:51, May 1, 2008
Israel pledges more AIDS to Gaza21:27, April 27, 2008
Tata introduces the world's cheapest car22:05, January 13, 2008
US releases Iran terror duck video15:45, January 9, 2008
Lebanon confirms settlement plans22:24, December 27, 2007
BBC announces plans for embedded journalists to enlist with US forces01:06, December 27, 2007
Turkeys press rice into gorillas in bizarre tribal custom09:22, November 8, 2007
Mother Teresa did not believe in God12:55, August 27, 2007
Experts:Mediterranean's climate curiously resembles pea soup13:33, August 23, 2007
Israel deploys the latest in its arsenal - giant inflated Jews02:11, July 26, 2007
Iraqi PM tells Americans they don't have to go home, but they can't stay here!11:01, July 16, 2007
Sacred Bull bites back04:10, July 14, 2007
Woman's giant penis explodes killing millions12:55, July 11, 2007
Man misses flight02:43, June 24, 2007
Ahmadinejad Elected President of Israel14:03, June 19, 2007
Saddam's tomb found empty after 3 days; resurrected leader appears to followers02:33, June 1, 2007
World's oldest man, Jesus Christ, celebrates 2009th birthday01:19, June 1, 2007
Muqtada al-Sadr Wins "Iraqi Idol"21:16, May 25, 2007
Americans have high hopes for Sunni Ghetto in Baghdad14:08, April 23, 2007
Iran Cures AIDS19:58, April 14, 2007
Local shepherd displaces workforce22:17, March 23, 2007
26 killed in Baghdad book store, "Harry Potter" books blamed01:06, March 6, 2007
Iran opens "Holocaust Revue"21:58, March 2, 2007
Toxic gas latest insurgent weapon15:16, February 23, 2007
World Powers Await Iran's Report Card14:27, February 22, 2007
Iranian president's heart crushed by bully01:26, February 13, 2007
US accuses Iran of poor fashion sense15:39, February 12, 2007
Israeli army chief resigns: "I did it my way"08:49, February 1, 2007
Israeli president accused of rape, opens fire during a press conference17:48, January 31, 2007
Mysterious fart debacles Middle-Eastern summit07:22, January 9, 2007
First Saddam sighting in Texas19:45, January 5, 2007
Saddam execution to be released on special edition DVD23:51, January 3, 2007
Iran holds conference to debate the existence of women18:41, December 18, 2006
Manual of Life unearthed, disappointment ensues20:52, December 13, 2006

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