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Some news is so bloated it needs its own page.

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Predatory choirboys abuse priest22:20, December 18, 2011
Clinton, Merkel and me in a global war to destroy all men (and keep a few as sex slaves), by Harriet Harman04:28, December 18, 2011
Godless Europeans blast US technological dominance23:38, December 8, 2011
Neutrino exceeds legal speed limit twice17:54, December 4, 2011
Cancer is racist13:13, October 21, 2011
Signing delayed after Guitar Legend is attacked by man wielding mash potato22:45, September 21, 2011
Far right dissolve European Parliment04:24, September 15, 2011
Sarkozy: GaDaffy Duck will be 'roast' in weeks02:32, September 15, 2011
Guy Fawkes's euro account to be 'stressed tested' today19:33, July 21, 2011
Moody's downgrades Portugal from junk to dog shit04:29, July 15, 2011
Russian Space Chief Announces Operation Ass Monkey05:11, July 2, 2011
Argonauts between a rock and a hard place12:31, July 1, 2011
Fairytale wedding in Monaco will really happen14:23, June 30, 2011
Conflict breaks out down on the farm21:43, June 26, 2011
Interview with an amateur abortionist20:58, June 1, 2011
Chancellor committed to preemptive war07:52, May 25, 2011
Serial killer known as "Internet" now caught thanks to victim's brother's hint, trial to be held02:29, April 27, 2011
Scientists baffled by random animal a-splosions in Berlin02:37, April 23, 2011
Former Australian President Kurt Waldheim dies00:45, April 1, 2011
Polish Language Council's orthographic fail01:20, March 13, 2011
DC to get Yeltsin "underpants" statue17:59, February 2, 2011
Drunk guy experiments with booty tweets03:33, January 12, 2011
Paul is not dead08:23, November 7, 2010
Bruni denies she said, "Let them smoke crack" about strikers23:18, October 29, 2010
Cher's son now officially living as a Frenchman11:09, August 21, 2010
Scientists reveal chicken came before egg20:20, August 12, 2010
Increased sunspot activity cause for concern at Vatican22:23, August 2, 2010
Believers see Holy Father in flames22:13, August 2, 2010
Athlete stripped of medal at the European Athletics Championship03:26, August 2, 2010
Anne Frank story set to launch as comic book23:56, July 10, 2010
Mercenaries release Somali pirates after ransom returned19:17, May 16, 2010
God gets pissed off over European Atheist and Secular Humanism Blows up Volcano in his anger03:32, April 17, 2010
Carlsberg workers strike over limits on drinking21:54, April 9, 2010
99-year-old Nazi jailed for life16:25, March 29, 2010
Cyprus ex-President Papadopoulos resurrected, trying to revive allies17:56, March 11, 2010
International Olympic Committee strips former female American Olympic athlete of medals, dignity, .... and clothing?!02:58, March 1, 2010
Berlusconi undergoes major facial reconstruction surgery12:01, December 18, 2009
Pope appoints first non-human Primate22:34, December 6, 2009
Former Primate of Utrecht Thomas Gibbon resigns in disgrace22:34, December 6, 2009
Rare chair found in garage, sells for millions of dollars18:19, December 6, 2009
Riots in Poland: We want promised miracles!20:15, November 13, 2009
Seventeen baseball players arrested in Poland; Cubans are shocked10:38, November 7, 2009
Girl's iPod explodes, Apple refuses to refund money06:07, August 13, 2009
Formula 1 Racing Announces New Teams for the 2010 Grid19:04, June 22, 2009
I Am Built Like a 'Horse' Claims Italian Prime Minister12:53, June 20, 2009
Ronaldo Sells His Body To Real Madrid21:26, June 11, 2009
Political Leaders Agree To Lose Height As An Economy Measure01:05, June 11, 2009
Rafael Nadal Thinks He Disappointed Millions By Losing French Open09:21, June 9, 2009
Scientists build thought-controlled wheelchair11:43, May 1, 2009
Russian man blows self up after train inspectors notice porn magazines19:51, April 23, 2009

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