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Every time you think, you weaken the nation —Moe Howard

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Monday, February 27, 2017, 23:20:59 (UTC)

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WASHINGTON, D.C. -- (Gnome-speakernotes listen) Long-time Uncyclopedia memeJohn Bolton has been passed over for National Security Advisor. Bolton previously served as U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations, and in a little more than a year compiled near 100% success at telling every foreign dignitary what a jerk he or she was.

Bolton has interviewed for jobs in the Trump Administration previously, but President Trump has an irrational resistance to men with goofy-looking white mustaches, and not just to unflattering news reports. Full story»

WASHINGTON, D.C. -- (Gnome-speakernotes listen) It's official: Barack Obama is the twelfth-best U.S. President ever. The finding puts to bed the claim that Obama was "worse than Jimmy Carter." In fact, he is not even worse than James Polk.

Obama was "whisked to a very good table at the club of former presidents," wrote Time Magazine, as not just any goofball gets to be a President, at least not before Donald Trump got in. Full story»

Molten carbon
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OLD FAITHFUL, Wyoming -- A huge well of carbon the size of Mexico beneath the western U.S. could cause planetary doom if it got out. Geologists used 583 sensors to see the underground sea of molten carbon.

They used mathematical equations to conclude that, if Donald Trump's border wall with Mexico had to extend beneath the entire western U.S., there would be no way that Mexico could pay for it. There is no way to drill down to take a look at this molten carbon, but it could come up to take a look at us. Full story»

UnNews Logo Potato1ALSO PRETTY BIG
GLIESE 411B, Milky Way -- Scientists have discovered 50 new planets, temptingly close to the Earth, including one that they are calling "Super Earth."

Among the 50 is one named Jack LaLanne 21185, a hot super-Earth-like planet orbiting the fourth closest star to our first-closest Sun. LaLanne orbits its sun once every ten days, heartening for Americans facing a third blizzard in a week with nowhere left to move the snow. Full story»

LONDON -- Tim Peake will be returning to the International Space Station this Sunday to pick up his wallet. The distressed astronaut said he was “mortified” to discover he was unable to pay £10 for a haircut at the local barbers.

Mr Peake was relieved when a drinking buddy on the ISS called him to say they’d found it, floating behind a bowler hat that was hanging on the ISS coat rack. Full story»

Pussy Hats
WASHINGTON, D.C. -- (Gnome-speakernotes listen) President Trump had a fitful day on the telephone on Wednesday, giving several other world leaders what for. Trump read the riot act to Australia's Malcolm Turnbull, but said he had gotten even worse results earlier with Putin and Mexico's Enrique Peña Nieto.

Having Turnbull's performance panned less than halfway through the hour-long call, it did not surprise him that Trump hung up at the 25-minute mark. People of Trump's age often have to visit the bathroom frequently. Full story»

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TV Highlights February 27

Panorama Investigates: Child Abduction Documentary
Channel 4 7:30 PM
One of the reporters goes undercover disguised as a guy being followed around by a camera man, sound man and director as he walks he speaks in a quiet voice into the microphone, to check out how a large, multinational company is supporting child abduction in an African country.

Countryfile Conservative style Entertainment
BBC 2 6:30 PM GMT
This week Matt and Sue are walking through the fields of some county up North no one has ever heard of in search of Gordon Brown's hiding place while John will be working out why the population in that area is rapidly decreasing due to a lack of jobs.

Doctor Who: The Return of the Plot from last week Sci-Fi
BBC 1 7:45 PM
Doctor Who goes in searc of some Time Lord money so that he can afford to pay for new writers to write different scripts for each episode. He goes hyperactive and can only display one emotion: insanity. His new assistant who is just there for her looks mentions "I wish David Tennant still played the Doctor" numerous times when confronted in not-very-scary situations.

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