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The UnLyrics logo

UnLyrics is an itsy bitzy bitesized Uncyclomedia project they don't even know exists. UnLyrics is an encyclopedia for song lyrics. These are called "articles". These "articles" have "lyrics" in them, from "songs". UnLyrics is so close to Uncyclopedia, it does'nt even have that poiny thingy. In fact, UnLyrics has popular songs such as "The Golden Girls theme song" and the "Tarzan ringtone". These are usually sang by Oprah and the Other Guy.

edit History


Close-up of the piece of paper Wilde potatochopped

In 1897, Oscar Wilde, editor of Uncyclopedia creates UnSongwords, which he forgets about later on. UnLyrics still does'nt have a logo, so he took a piece of paper, and potatochopped it into pieces. He wrote UnSongwords to the bottom and camcordered it. He worked day and night, because he did'nt like cheap tools. In 1945 he heard the word "lyrics" in the !cktionary he created (geez, it's all about he-man). He needed a new logo for UnLyrics, former UnSongwords, so he asked Oprah Winfrey to pose for him, while she was still fat. In 1965 when lots of faomus stuffs happened, Wilde forgot about UnLyrics, because he was working on Uncyclopedia and other projects. In 1969 UnLyrics was relaunched by a user who just signed up. It was hard to get all those lyrics from hidden pages back, but boy he did it. In 1994 he only made the site a main page for UnLyrics, and all the lyrics are placed on the Uncyclopedia pages referring to the lyrics name for example the Grey's Anatomy page has soundtrack lyrics. In 1995 UnLyrics was an UnZeta project, but UnZeta broke into tiny pieces. In 2006 the pieces we're put back together, a list was made, but it only included Grey's Anatomy. Later that evening the list was released to everybody, and anyone who makes a new UnLyric must sign it up to the legendary list. Oh great... more work :{

edit Yobs

UnLyrics has Yobs. If you wish to be an yob Click here

  • mouthy git
  • villiage drunk
  • underage dad
  • hardnut
  • dumb sponger

edit Lyric list

Main Article:UnLyrics Lyrics

In 69 there we're 31,614 new articles on UnLyrics every day and that 31,614 of them die, before they turn 1 second old. Here they are:

Quotes from the song "Im thin!" - "Once fat"

  • Im thin! - Oprah
  • Im thin! - Sherman Klump
  • Im thin! - Buddy love
  • Im thin! - Eddie Murphy
  • Im thin! - Fat guy
  • Im thin (and have no hands) - Bob
  • Iriditaconimoniolihickopolyangorpyus

edit ULFM

ULFM or U are a Looney with Flappers and a Mouth, is the official radio channel for UnLyrics. Without it the Featured singer contest would be a hoax. In fact, Bob is a Featured singer at UnLyrics, such as Oscar Wilde, Jesus, Boy, Grue, Link, Me, Your Mom, Bob, Weebl, Fire Fighters, Xena, Cat and Girl. This is listed based on age, and starts with the youngest. ULFM airs at 14:45 on GooFM and ends at 14:15. The schedule is easy as pi:

  • 14:15 - Featured singer contest
  • 14:15 - Random Lyrics sang by Featured singer
  • 14:15 - Lyrics hotline
  • 14:15 - Other music

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