UnDebate:When the national anthem asks "Oh, say can you see, by the dawn's early light..." is it acceptable to shout out an answer?

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edit Background information

My brother has 'voluntary tourettes' which makes it hard for him to find peace and acceptance in our uncaring, heartless, mostly-tented society and for him to find a woman both prepared to put up with his hallitosis as well as his unfortunate choice of footwear.

However, I noticed as we were growing up that his insistence on yelling out, loudly and clearly, "NO! It's f***%%%$$ dark!" right after this line in the national anthem always found favor, allowed him to be seen as a fellow human among our peers and definitely helped his social status, even among our fellow illiterates!

So I am asking wiser people than myself, the folk of the interwebs and those what live inside the magic flashing boxes one may hold in one's hand, as purchased from the local temple of WallMa, whether this sort of oral'istic ejaculation'ing should be compulsory at every rendition of this well-known piety and fake-tear inducing folk song?

edit Argument

edit Yes

As an Italian, I say yes... but I never heard it man?
It wasn't in the charts here! Ciao!

edit No

How dare you!
You MUST be some sort of pinko!
You will be taught the error of your ways once I get the FBI to track you down and send you to one of those FEMA camps that don't exist!

edit Argument

edit Yes

Eh? Cool! I is gunna do that tooomorow in class...
I have to teech fisix and skience later in the afternooon and I are gunna reed a book and such cause i haveta teech them kidz bowt MAGNETS an I need to get the spells rite!

edit No

The magnitude of this issue is engrossing but I fail to see how I benefit from this? What do I get out of this? I have to buy gas for my Porsche. How does this help me? So NO! I'm against this in principle and always have been!

edit Verdict

Freedom is a wonderful thing.
But then so is democracy.
And look how much better Iraq and Afghanistan now are after their introduction!
Answering the question in the national anthem is only a way of being polite...

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