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Actually, the downtown area used to be kind of nice? But a little rough. The Koreans inhabited that area for some time, and on occasion a black criminal would be shot at by a humble store owner who needed the lifeline. Well, one of these surveillance videos made it to the media.

Once the Rodney King Riots broke out, the authorities had the media replay the Korean store shooting incident over and over and over again, as a form of emotional manipulation to get the blacks to attack Koreatown as well. They did this to protect Beverly Hills, which was already heavily policed by protection.

As a result, the humble immigrants from a war torn country who were earning an HONEST living kind of lost their livlihoods?

The area is now disgusting, vandalized, full of crime which would not be the Koreans. They're considered by most a "diamond in the rough" as they put up with the chore of living in downtown LA with it's problems that the Koreans actually didn't create. The Koreans actually set up their own school because they kind of care about education and people from other areas try to get in.

To this day-after Sandy Hurricane/twister/rioting-KATRINA victims were paid out by FEMA and various charities; I'm not sure if the Koreans ended up with ANY help to rebuild their lives after that. Since local governments and public authorities unfairly put them in harms way to begin with.

edit You missed a few

  1. 1. Skywalker Ranch
  1. 2. SANTA BARBARA/Montecito (if you haven't been, it IS worth the trip).
  1. 3. You Must. No. You *HAVE* to check out the cupcake vending machine by Camden in Beverly Hills.

Tourists fly in from all over the world to see this scenic wonder.

  1. 4. the fantastic 405 Freeway construction between Burbank and West LA.
  1. 5. La Jolla- the most purdiest beach in the world known to mankind damaged by overzealous developers and their most cruel, GRINGOfabulous-stucco wannabe Spanish architecture set up to maliciously block the view of the cove for all of mankind. How Dare You?!!!
  1. 6. VEGAS!!! aka. "VEGAS BABY!" Vegas has been indoctrinated into the state of California a LONG time ago! Without the taxes and it's own set of stupid politics.

I can't believe you missed this one.

  1. 7. Mammoth
  1. 8. MAd Bear Mountain during winter
  1. 9. REHAB. All the pretty trendy people go to rehab.
  1. 10. If you don't go to East L.A., East L.A. will come to you.
  1. 11. Venice Beach?

Things to Avoid:

  1. 1. Pretentious Carpet bagging, wannabeneoflowerchildhipsterTROLLS, self loathing douchenozzle wannabeYuppies (young & urban ***PUNTAS!***) IMPOSITIONS who think because San Diego (a once MODEST and AFFORDABLE town that MY family is deeply rooted in) should charge up the arse for nothing ie. parking, because it's an "expensive" city. These nitwits have somewhere else to go home to so they can set up parking meters there and ruin the $h*Thole they came from.

THey're forever patronizing and condescending without a cause, a pedestal, a stance or even a clue.

Lookie buttheads. I have nowhere to "go home to". If I want to park at a public spot to run some simple errands, I am entitled to do so WITHOUT the remote threat of getting the parking ticket. WE. WERE. HERE. FIRST. :)

Look, we have STANDARDS here. ***S*T*A*N*D*A*R*D*S*** If we pay for parking, it's going to be Valet. Thank you!

  1. 2. The parking Stassi. For some reason, the entire state is turning into Frisco. If you see one, throw pennies at it.
  1. 3. "non-materialistic" flowerchildren realtors flippers boycotting the war with Halliburton shares in their pockets. Not only is politics showbusiness for ugly people, its' beyond BORING! These protests? I went to the Free Tibet resistance to the Chinese Olympic torch run in San Fran. It's really not that much fun. It's not a fair, it's not a theme park. Although it's a good vaca foto op for you and your drinking buds. OTherwise, it's a snoozefest. They don't serve wine and food, there is no athletes/no action, no good music, no rides for the kiddos... Santa Monica street entertainers are a much better use of your time and they just take tips.
  1. 4. Any monkey who comes to CA on their own free will without checking it out first, then blaming it for the ills in their lives when they've done nothing but trash it here and make STUPID decisions.
  1. 5. Overpriced real estate ponzi scheme. Its's this ridiculous epic slot machine called the NAR will ruin your financial grandstanding when the bubble eventually pops thanks to our very own stagflation.

And I'm sorry. I have to be brutally honest with you.

Your real estate is boring.

Gringo stucco in a cul-de-sac like the other 20 million bank owned foreclosures/underwatermortgages/rentals with blockbuster sponsored graffiti/vandalism that went downhill when it's assessed "value" tripled.

When your real estate turns into a silver lined superyacht with 4 helipads, a loaded bar, excellent plumbing, a clean olympic size swimming pool/jacuzzi, foosball table, ski simulator-and a private jet and your own pilot-ONLY THEN you can brag about your real estate. Otherwise, just stick with the weather and Google trivia for "small talk" please!

  1. 6. Rush hour.
  1. 7. Barona Casino- aka. "the vacuum".
  1. 8. If you're Asian, avoid the sketchy casinos in Lake Tahoe. Run, do not walk in the other direction.
  1. 9. The epic 405 Construction through West LA. You were warned, this billion dollar baby (to toss gravel on a 5 mile stretch of road for a "passing lane") is already $10 million "overbudget" and 1 year behind.

note. We Liberal FISCAL Conservatives prefer the democrats who overlook petty crap because they're too busy doing their own thing. If it's not shooting up heroine for disability checks, chasing employers out of the state, driving Mercedes and getting food stamps, rioting at a Walmart during Black Friday, protecting violent crime dealers because you're ashamed of your genetic makeup---we enjoy it when the harmless obvious goes unnoticed.

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