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Hello, I am Professor Dumbles. Please do not confuse me with Professor Dumbledore, for he's in prision while I'm only in an asylum. This is my very first attempt to make a good Uncyclopedia article, and while it does not have the... um... creativeness that others have, I hope you find it enjoyable and funny.

I discovered Uncyclopedia for the first time while searching for more info on Zork. The Zork category made me laugh so hard that I began looking at some of the other articles here. I average that about two-thirds of what I've seen here is hilarious to read, while the rest is a bunch of crude curses and strange humor (at least for me). But since this entire site really falls under a category of crude-humor or the like, I really don't care that much since it is funny on the whole.

Judging by the length of the article, you'd never guess that I had spare time on my hands. If anyone can think of a humerous picture to accompany this, please do add it. I considered adding a photo of a book titled "101 Ways to Cook a Human", but I haven't the time to look for such a book on the internet (yeah, I'm too lazy).

Hope you enjoy!!!

The Recent encounters section is unashamedly stolen from Dilbert. I would recommend some originality. --Spintherism 22:33, 28 Aug 2005 (UTC)

edit Good Image

Thanks for the replies. And Spintherism, I don't know how you found that image, but it's perfect!

And just to alleviate any risk of copyright, left, wrong, forward, or other technicalities, I modified the Recent Encounters.

Again, thanks.

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