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The novel The opposite book-Animals is also available in paperback.

edit Chapter One- Elephants

Elephants {Suspendisse lacinia Latin} is a small Creature that lives in antartica. it drinks shit and eats Yellow Ice. An Average elpehnat weights 2 Pounds and is about 0.5 feet. Its unfriendly and will eat your flesh if he sees you.

edit Chapter Two- Girrafe

Girrafes {Mater tua} Is another Creature that lives in Antartica. It is the Smallest animal in the world, Its height is just as big as your d!ck and it weigths 0.000005 so it flies.

edit Chapter Three-Monkeys

Monkeys {Duis auctor} Is a really Naughty animal that lives in Antartica {The next 8 are from antartica}.It is as big as an Average Giant {More about that in Book 4} and its weight is 200 Pounds.Monkeys grab everything that is big and it eats organs [He only eats Big organs so you are fine]

edit Chapter Four-Hedgehogs

Hedgehogs {Nullam mollis}is a animal that lives in Antartica,North iceland and Siberia.Its soft and cuddly and gives you a lollipop.But Scientists proof that they are not friendly but can be a friend. but that is hard... so watch out they eat everything that has hair o.O

This book is not ready. Add anything you want {Must be everythig opposite about Animals} Will be ready in a week

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