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August 2009 - The Case of the Quagga of Kuala Lumpur

Nothing is more detestable to the ignorant than too much subtlety


Greenock's mansion on the outskirts of Paris. He "shares" it with W-, a doctor of some sort.

Often a man may find answers in battle, for such a man the epiphenomenon of their innermost thoughts pervade the empyrean shores of sheer fantasy. For such a man indeed the Quagga is the most valuable thing, for another such man, it is but a trifle. For the common man The Case of the Quagga of Kuala Lumpur is one of the more bizarre instances of law and order in the 20th centaury. The Quagga is an endangered beast that must be retrieved from the trischopian thought processes of a diabolic mind, cultured by the best philosophy and a taste for whale foreskin sofas. A mind honed to the methods of Greenock as well as the subtle arts of necromancy and the bestial needs of lesser men as well as having the perversity which only good breeding would allow.

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There is a guy. He is a seemingly ordinary guy, raising no interest and no suspicion when folks see him pass pass them by, but that is only appearance, only how he seems. He knows things, the truths of which are darker and sharper than the coldest shadows, the sorts of things that will curdle the blood and end all hope, and when he puts them to words, they... become. But he's just this guy, you know? He's Aleister in Chains. In his words, however, lies strangeness.

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