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edit And Little Yellow Wong said


Oh for crying out - Just take the chopsticks!

"For Crying out loud! Seriously? All I have left are these chopsticks. Just take them, okay? I mean, I thought I would come out of this with at least something, but I guess not.

But the Game-show Host said, "I don't like chopsticks."

"Tough." said Little Yellow Wong. "Deal with it. It's not like I have anything else to offer you."

A few dirty thoughts went through the Game-show Host's mind, but in the end decided that even he wouldn't do that.

"Alright," said the Game-show Host, give them to me, and you won't lose face this time."

So he got poor Little Yellow Wong's wonderful chopsticks, and went away saying, "Now I'm the grandest Game-show Host in Tokyo."

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