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What follows is the word according to Gwax I, the first and mighty, the watcher from the clouds, huffer of sin:


This is a set of basic rules for admins approaching entries in VFD. With the overhaul of VFD, gwax has established some reasonable trends for deletion, and, as to prevent complaints of malfeasance among the masses, the following basics are listed to be made readable by the community:


  • Remember! VFD entries must be of questionable quality or ripe age. Low-quality, but freshly-made articles are to be tagged with {{NRV}}.
  • VFD entries often show telltale signs of mediorce or bad quality. Note the article length and title. If either are questionable, make a mental note, as it Probably Huffable.


  • VFD entries are to be checked on periodically. If the number of for votes exceeds 6+ in/after 24 hour period for Probably Huffable articles, you may killz itz.
  • VFD entries require a reasonable minimum amount of time to be voted on or noticed by the author before deletion.

Everything Else

  • Go to VFD and read the rules. Everything else should be covered there.


By the words of Gwax, and the wisdom of Gwax, so shall it have been said. Gwamen.

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