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Useless Gobshite of the Month badge

This is it. The UnBig One. The UnOscar of Uncyclopedia - "Useless Gobshite of the Month". The "Crappies", if you will. And it's the Voting page.

edit Eligibility Requirements

To be nominated, you must:

  • Be a registered "member".
  • Not nominate yourself. You can vote for yourself, but you can't nominate yourself.
  • Not have been banned for more than a day in the previous month, but post-nomination bannings do not disqualify a candidate.
  • Consistently write crap.
  • If you have a specific gripe or mutual hate with someone who doesn't exactly fit the requirements, don't take it here. This award is a joke. Please realize this and nominate only as a joke, or unless the person is really, really, really deserving. Underhanded nominations that are bound to cause drama will have you dealt with accordingly.

edit Whom to Vote For?

Nominate the Writer who has contributed the most "point free" articles or inane edits over the past month. Additional points may be awarded for bad grammar, lack of punctuation, and images created in MS Paint.

edit Fabulous Prizes

Winners will get:

  • "Looked at" funny
  • Mocked by their "peers" until their ears bleed
  • Huffed mercilessly
  • The chance to add the prefix "Pleb" to your name, and wear it like a silly little hat.
  • A fancy template to put on their user page: {{GOTM}}

edit Past "Winners"

ElvisScrotumNerd42KakunZombiebaron (2) • General SpecificNintendorulezFlameviperBoothmanWikia (2) • SU182Anonymous SlashyPowershot dudeDramaMylenWebgeek111BraydieWalter HumalaStarnestommyGert5OhadaloniZeldafan500FamineMasterof9puppetsOlipro (3) • MediaWiki defaultFonchezzzHinoaRcmurphy (2) • SavethemoosesLOLZORZCajekDr. Skullthumper (8) • Sawblade5SysRqDexter111344YesTimeToEditSpangKip the DipCows go moo when they pooDave2Gouncyclopedia!ChiefjusticeDSSyndromeMrN9000ToungebudMiley SpearsThekillerfroggy (2) • Hey people!Why do I need to provide this?MnbvcxzPuppyOnTheRadio (2) • Ptok-BentonicznyHELPMEElectrified mocha chinchillaNecropaxxTOASTManiac1075ChronarionThatdamnedfollowspotMrowaLyrithya (5) • Dancing dudeLollipopFnoodleRoman Dog BirdFrosty (3) • BizzeebeeverTheHappySpacemanJoe9320SPIKE

For a poorly kept history of gobshite voting, go here

edit Official Nominations for May

(Please archive the below from April)

edit SPIKE (TalkContribs (del)EditcountBlock (rem-lst-all)LogsGroups)

Score: +4 people who don't like dogs with sticks
  • Nom and For. I've been gone for almost five years and how does he welcome me? He accuses me of a "bad comedy tactic," says "ridiculing...is my job" and when I just share important information says "if ladies wish to gossip, it is very bad." How's that for a welcome back? Especially from someone who SHOUTS HIS NAME in ALL CAPS! Then he gives me lots of "suggestions" on improving my article UnNews:Obama plans to get millions of girls just to make me look bad. Just because it's a whole lot better because of him is NO EXCUSE!!!!!! And on top of all that he broke my bedroom window, trespassed into my bedroom and pooped on my bed! OK he didn't really do that but HE COULD HAVE! Also I can't believe he's never been UGotM. OK, so "Spike" was but that has to be somebody different. DAP Dame Pleb Com. Miley Spears (talk) 03:47, April 3, 2015 (UTC)
  • I've never seen Spike ever contribute much to the site. He seems to be the laziest of individuals. His completely disorganised user page just goes to show he has no self-discipline. A definite gobshite. Sir ScottPat (converse) White Ensign Scotland Flag 1 Compassrose VFH UnS NotM WotM WotY 14:10, April 3, 2015 (UTC)
  • For rubbing it in my nose when his team beat my team in American football by leaving the image of the deflated football up for THREE MONTHS! Definitely deserves a UGOTM. Besides, I'm a cat person. -- Simsilikesims(♀GUN) Talk here. 03:00, April 4, 2015 (UTC)
  • For tirelessly training me to be funny and a good writer but not letting me write poo jokes. --EStop (talk) 15:57, April 16, 2015 (UTC)
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