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Uncyclopedia articles, on the surface, try to look like Wikipedia articles, but just below the surface, try to deliver laughs. Photographs, diagrams, and other images added to articles need to do the same two things. They need to look serious but be unserious.

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What Uncyclopedia is not

  • An article with no graphics at all doesn't look like Wikipedia, isn't easy on the eyes, and will eventually get {{AAP}} put on the top to ask for graphics.
  • A horrible Shoop will go so far to destroy the resemblance to Wikipedia that it won't matter how funny you think it is.
  • A graphic at the very top of an article that annoys or distracts the reader will keep him from reading the rest of it. This includes templates that scold the reader on how to interpret the article, before he has begun to read it. Of course you want to have the very first word — but the very first word should be funny.
  • Uncyclopedia is a website for original comedy creations, not a catalog of funny stuff done elsewhere. So don't add something funny that you got somewhere else; it's better to add something ordinary and write a caption that makes it funny. Don't make the humor rely on text in a photograph; write your own humor.
  • Especially, adding an illustration to several articles, just to show you were here, is unfunny "rubber-stamping" that may induce a reaction against you.

When images are not funny

Not funny:

So you made the Uncyclopedia logo bounce. That is a gimmick, and not yet humor.

Still not funny:

Without providing some humor connection, doing it again will still not be funny.

When images are funny

If it was funny the first time, let it remain funny rather than try to "improve" it.


This is a joke, God getting ready to shoot the entire planet as though it were a marble.

Not funny:

With "improvements," it got no funnier.

No shock images!

Shall we repeat? No shock images. No gore; no nudity for its own sake. The upload page at Special:Upload spells this out. Read it in detail before using it. We are serious enough about these rules to block your access to the website if you break them.

Goatse: Black You didn't want to see this.
Lemonparty: Black This either.
Tubgirl: Black Not even that.
Nipples: Black You wanted to see that, but Wikia censored it.

Do it well

Tony blair pimp

As a general rule, this is how not to retouch a picture

A picture is a perfect complement to a good joke, but only if it is well made. A shoop of Tony Blair's face in MS Paint (pictured) is an example of not-well-made. Taking time on the picture and using a professional program such as GIMP or Photoshop is advisable, although some artists can knock up decent images on Paint.

There may be times when you're making the picture intentionally bad for a satirical purpose. However, it is unlikely that the reader will understand your purpose, and much more likely that he will see it as a poorly produced illustration that suggests that the article is of equally low quality.

And don't just use an old picture that you found on the Internet, no matter how sure you are that no one else has seen it. Use your own imagination to produce something better. Summed up:

  • Making an image? Do it well.
  • Using MS Paint? Do it well.
  • Thinking about uploading an image you found on the web? Do it at your own risk.
  • Be creative.

Get feedback

Don't be afraid to ask about your image if you're unsure. Ask other Uncyclopedians. Ask an Admin. Ask your real-world friends (if you have any). If all else fails, ask for a formal Pee Review.

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