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UnBusiness is officially RELIVED by King Joseph (That jerk Joe) We're back to BUSINESS!! (However, if Da man360 wants to close it down then we're f**ked)

edit Idea

  • This isn't going to be realistic.
  • To start you should get a job somewhere.
  • Central Bank is the only bank on this.
  • If you are opening up a business, it can't be another bank.
  • Every person and business involved in this has to have a bank account. Except businesses that don't give or receive currency.
  • Make sure when you start a business, you use this. The point of this is to make some fake money, so you can buy stuff.
  • When you buy something, you can put it in a gallery on your page or something.
  • If you have any questions, ask them here.
  • Once you get involved, put {{UnBusiness}} on your user-space.

edit Open Businesses

  • Da man360 has the right to shut down businesses and blank pages that are not approved by the original branch of central bank. Such as bank accounts that businesses make out of nowhere such as this or this.
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